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ACSPL Working Paper Series (Wesleyan Journals and Series)

The Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life Working Paper Series features original research conducted by Wesleyan faculty on problems of public life.

The multidisciplinary series has three primary aims: (1) to give Wesleyan faculty an opportunity to publish works-in-progress as citable sources prior to eventual publication; (2) to raise the profile of ongoing research at Wesleyan; and (3) to engage the broader community in ongoing research by making faculty research easily accessible.

The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies (Wesleyan Journals and Series)

The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal run entirely by the students of Wesleyan University's College of Social Studies. The College of Social Studies and the UJSS are committed to encouraging the interdisciplinary study of society, in recognition of the fact that human interaction and organization is too multifaceted to be understood from any one disciplinary perspective. The UJSS serves as a forum for students of the College, as well as members of the Wesleyan community at large, to improve, share, and collaborate on work of historical, social, political or philosophical interest as they bridge disciplinary boundaries and examine new perspectives.