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Cathy Edwards


Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance


This thesis will examine historical and contemporary trends along with major community arts practices as a strategic investigation towards the creation of an artistlead, movement-based project called Served to be developed in close connection with the students, faculty, and staff of Williams College. It will survey of community-based projects in Williamstown and the surrounding community as a springboard for an analysis of the major trends in community arts practice, contextualizing the project of this thesis within a larger history of community arts practice as well as demonstrating why this project is right for this community. The first chapter will review the historical context for the divide between what is considered, in this country, traditional the performing arts and community-based performance. The second chapter will detail the project and profile the artist collaborator, Allison Orr. Next, in chapter three, I will discuss contemporary social trends making the argument why community-based performance is important now. In chapter four I will review in detail the culminating element of the Served project, the toolkit, making the argument for the need to reimagine community-based practice, and collaboration, on college and university campuses.



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