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Rachel Cooper


Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance


The concept of dynamic cultural exchange transcends the constraints of national and regional boundaries, histories, religions, and politics. It acknowledges, at once, the differences and commonalities of distinct cultures while recognizing the validity of each. The goal of effecting dynamic cultural exchange through the performing arts is not to produce a melting pot of exotic spectacles. Rather, it is to create a medium for human interaction and understanding through the preservation and presentation of distinct cultural performances. Both artists and audiences are integral to this exchange.

To encourage this relationship of artists and audiences without borders, the assembly of a transnational presentation team sourcing expertise in the cultural and presentation practices of each culture is fundamental to the realization of such projects. This paper identifies innovative practices for dynamic cultural exchange through the performing arts by way of a focused analysis of three cases of U.S. exchange with Asia: Festival of Indonesia In Performance (1990-1992), Dance, the Spirit of Cambodia (2001), and Season of Cambodia (2013).



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