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Stowe, William


American Studies (AMST)




As much of America's farmland is lost to development, Americans are rapidly losing their connection with the farms where their food comes from and the entire process of how their food is raised. In my thesis I address how sustainable agricultural methods can help preserve New England's farm landscapes, rural views, and green spaces by examining partnerships between local land conservation projects and sustainable farmers. By examining collaborations between land conservationists and sustainable farmers, I examine different models for sustainable land use and ways to maximize the public good gained from conserved properties. By focusing on farms in highly developed areas, I compare how different farms preserve working landscapes and enhance the environmental quality of an area while bringing locally grown produce to different sectors of their communities. To address these questions I examined three farms: a recreated historic garden at the Old Manse in Concord, MA, Urban Oaks Farm in New Britain, CT, and Crystal Spring Farm in Brunswick, ME. After comparing three different models for local groups to conserve open landscape while providing sustainably grown food for their communities, I examine the successes and shortcomings of the different partnerships and make general suggestions for future partnerships.



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