Publication Date

April 2011


Gina Ulysse


African American Studies


English (United States)


In "Griottes & Pantomimes: Dyaspora Love, Dreams, Memories, and Realities in the Works of Edwidge Danticat as they relate to Black Feminisms", I explore the ways Danticat’s characters confront race, class, gender, sexuality and religiosity. It is my belief that Danticat uses her fiction literature to translate Black and Third World feminist theory into fictive practice. In my reading of Danticat’s work, she uses aspects of Black Feminisms to induce her characters with a standpoint epistemology that allows her to both express and resist their oppression. I use Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory, Krik? Krak!, and The Farming of Bones to both construct her views on Haiti as a country with a distinct political history and to interrogate the manner in which she uses literature to dissect, problematize, and re-construct a Haitian female identity. Lastly, I work to understand how Danticat’s work fits into the discourses of Black, Caribbean, and Haitian womanhood and feminisms.



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