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Paoletti, John


Art History




In 1901, the nineteen-year old Pablo Ruiz Picasso moved to Madrid where he became the artistic director of a small art and literary magazine, "Arte Joven." The writers contributing to the magazine belonged to the Spanish literary group now known as the Generation of 1898 and were concerned with the cultural regeneration of Spain after its loss in the Spanish-American War. This thesis first analyzes the writings of Arte Joven and then the drawings that Picasso contributed. The final chapter analyzes how Picasso fit into the Arte Joven group and Madrid, often finding himself on the artistic margins. Understanding Picasso in this way helps to show what was influencing his work at the time and how he tried to create his own artistic identity. This thesis project hopes to add to the studies of Picasso by focusing on an often overlooked time and project in his career.



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