Publication Date

April 2009


Kottos, Tsampikos




English (United States)


We analyze the wave-packet dynamics scenario produced by Random Matrix Theory models with unconventional band-profile structures. Our motivation is to understand the energy spreading of quantum systems with complex dynamics. Examples of such systems include complex nuclei, atoms and molecules, quantum dots, and Bose-Einstein Condensates in optical traps, which, under the influence of an external perturbation, experience an energy redistribution of the initially prepared state. Such a perturbation could be due to an external electric or magnetic field, a change in the confining geometry, or a residual interaction, among other things. Of special interest in our analysis is the investigation of the time relaxation properties of a prepared state into a sea of other states (the continuum). We find that, for a large family of power spectra characterized by a non-flat profile, the survival probability $P(t)$ might exhibit either exponential-like or power-law decay.



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