Publication Date

April 2019


Sarah Wiliarty


Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality


English (United States)


This project focuses on four case study post-conflict societies and evaluates their inclusion of women in the peace-building process. Through a process-tracing analysis that is both comparative and international, this study aims to shed light on possible factors that positively affect women’s involvement. Though several of the case studies fail to adequately incorporate women in their methods for peace and reconciliation, some countries have demonstrated a strong interest in comprehensive plans for growth and inclusivity. Each case study country of Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, Rwanda, and South Africa is analyzed through the lenses of the four factors: the Cessation of Violence, the Type of Commemoration, the use of Restorative Justice, and the presence of Gender Quotas. This piece concludes with some major takeaways from each country as well as insight into the compatibility of nationalist conflict and/or revolution and feminism.



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