Publication Date

April 2019


Cecilia Miller


College of Social Studies


English (United States)


This thesis is a screenplay about a young girl who is running away from the Bolsheviks. The story is inspired by a true incident called the Massacre of Svobodny in 1921 when the Bolsheviks slaughtered thousands of Korean independence fighters. Three main themes of this screenplay are survival, sacrifice and vengeance. Although the story is based on an incident that is unfamiliar to non-Koreans, with these universal themes, I believe that audiences could empathize with the story easily. This thesis also includes historical background. Since the story is based on a true incident, I believe that providing historical facts are important for audiences to understand the story more naturally. I summarized what was happening between the Bolsheviks and Korean independence fighters in the early 20th century, and I believe this gives readers a better understanding of the story.

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