Publication Date

April 2019


John Murillo




English (United States)


Transmission is a collection of poems about, toward, and in the body—bodies that contain and are contained; how bodies meet each other; how the body meets itself; the interchangeable perspectives of the body; how one exists within and as a body; and the movement of, within, and between bodies. In Transmission, Fisher asks the reader to meet these poems in their body, at the levels of language, object, thought, and feeling. Even when handling heavy subject matter, the poems are playful in their experimentation with language, form, and ideas. Fisher does not settle into comfortable resolution or clear “answers.” Instead, she toys with the tensions between desire and revulsion; the strange and the mundane; reality and the imaginary; the gruesome and the pleasurable. In her lyric, Fisher experiments with diction, space, sound, and silence at various sites of transmission: the gendered, material body; virus and infection; sexuality as practice and as concept; institutional and personal archives; faith traditions; genealogy and familial relationships; and life, death, and what comes after.

Available for download on Monday, April 15, 2024



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