Publication Date

April 2009


Basinger, Jeanine


Film Studies


English (United States)


Knin Screenplay by: Dallas Bossort Yugoslavia, 1941. A young man from a farming community becomes part of a brutal civil war in which he must fight for survival. As a soldier he quickly gains recognition for his leadership and bravery in battle, but ultimately questions whether or not he is merely perpetuating the death and destruction he has sworn to fight. Based on a true story, Knin is about responsibility to family, country, and self through the most impossible of times. The civil war that erupted in Yugoslavia in the early 1940's was largely ignored by the world's greater powers, occurring during the worst years of WWII. I have been studying the region since high school, as my grandfather lived through the ordeal. Writing Knin, which is the name of the town my grandfather grew up in, has been a very personal experience for me.



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