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Danielle Vogel




English (United States)


The poems in this collection serve as a coming-of-age narrative, a bildungsroman told in the poetic medium. Over the course of the collection, metaphors transform and take on a new shape, mimicking the body’s propensity to grow and change. Glass is at first the symbol of physical difference and later on, implicit in expository poems which, window-like, peer inward. The ocean–wild and unpredictable–eventually ebbs; the tide turns. It is this subtle erosion of metaphor that attests to slow and total growth. Like the molting of a snake, innocence sloughs off as the book unfolds. While the skeleton clearly remains, the body is irrevocably changed. What emerges is a different kind of animal, one that is altered and yet still bears the traces of its former self. This collection presents the body as a fragile layering of memory. It is in this palimpsest that we are able to see what has been lost, what is gained, and what remains.

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