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Publication Date

April 2019


Danielle Vogel




English (United States)


It is in the face of loss where language becomes mistranslation, inexplicable. This thesis, which consists of a collection of six sections of poetry and essays, reaches into the depths of this experience. Written after the yearlong aftermath of the death of the author’s mother, this thesis looks toward grief as a multi-faceted experience of living. Poems and essays reach across six sections of meeting and knowing grief by way of departure, ended relationships, loss of one’s mother, professional emails, euthanasia of a pet, and ephemera. While the poems serve as representations of the incomprehensibility and nonlinearity of grief, the essays locate the work within geographic and ephemeral spaces in order to ground the experience. The manuscript includes verses in French and English in service of the mistranslation inherent in remembering, simultaneously looking backward and forward in writing. Pieces are inspired by sentimental materials of emails, playlist queues, dictionary definitions, and text messages.

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