Glory: TV Pilot and Series Bible

Publication Date

April 2019


Joe Cacaci


Film Studies


English (United States)


Glory is a family-oriented drama that tells the story of the Williams family, as their father finds out a secret that will test the bonds of their family. Glory, the 42-year old matriarch, is feeling every bit her age. As the story unfolds Glory will attempt to figure out who she is outside of her marriage, her children, eventually learning to look past the woman she is, in order to discover the woman she has always wanted to be and can become. Stephen, Glory’s husband, realizes he may lose the one person who has always been there for him, who he cares for and loves deeply – his wife who he has wounded just as deeply due to his irresponsibility. Abigail, their 21-year old daughter, whose story parallels Glory’s as she tries to figure out who she wants to be, learns to love and faces her own failures. Cole, their 17-year old son and high school senior, who is at the cusp of figuring out his own sexuality, and is feeling the weight of being the perfect son. And, most importantly, Journey, Stephen’s daughter from the woman he also loved and had an affair with a 20-years ago.

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