Publication Date

April 2019


Victoria Pitts-Taylor


Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality


English (United States)


My thesis works within the realm of beauty and body studies as contextualized in postfeminist and new media studies. More specifically, I will be focusing on cases of body disciplining such as anorexia/bulimia, extreme food restriction, and extreme strength training and fitness regimes. I will be utilizing new media in order to uncover the many discursive regimes that constitute our postmodern culture of body disciplining, which is normalized and given economic value through postfeminist and neo-liberal discourse. I wish to explore the nature of postfeminism as a modern sensibility within its specific context of body-centric social media culture. I will further investigate this new sensibility as it relates to our ethos of neo-liberalism and consumer culture. My aim is to develop a feminist critique and understanding of the bodily consumer self and the ways in which neo-liberalism and patriarchal social structures have created a commodified body subjectivity. I wish to further develop a critique of the neoliberal ethos of ‘self as property’ in a modern context of the body as capital and the means to normative citizenship through normative corporeality.



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