Dank Spirituality: Rehashing New Age Cannabis Culture

Publication Date

April 2018


Elizabeth Traube




English (United States)


This thesis examines the incorporation of cannabis culture into New Age spiritualties in Colorado, focusing on how legalization of cannabis has made possible the formation of new forms of sociality. Based on ethnographic research conducted in 2017, it looks at how individuals and communities use cannabis to connect with one another, pursue healing and transformation, and redefine what it means be a stoner. While the entrance of cannabis commodities into legal and mass markets changes the way that users obtain and use it in ways that potentially threaten certain subcultural values of cannabis culture, it also allows for the crafting of new and complex identities that both accept and reject the stoner stereotypes, and challenge and embrace market logics to varying degrees as they attempt to individually and collectively transform themselves and, in some cases, society and the world.

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