Publication Date

April 2018


William Johnston


Science in Society


English (United States)


There are two systems of medicine that coexist in South Korea. The first is Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM), a system of medicine that has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and treats symptoms with herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, meditation, and aromatherapy . The second is biomedicine which is medicine that is based on the principles of biochemistry and treats symptoms with pharmaceuticals . The emergence of biomedicine in South Korea changed the dialogue surrounding Traditional Korean Medicine and of the treatments it utilizes. One of the more popular treatments is ginseng (?? insam), a human shaped root that has been used since A.D. 100. Ginseng has achieved a unique status in South Korea, where it is used as a medical cure and as a dietary supplement. This thesis explores how the discussion surrounding ginseng has changed following the emergence of biomedicine and biomedical research.



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