Publication Date

April 2018


Margot Weiss


American Studies (AMST)


English (United States)


How do queer and trans people imagine worlds without transphobia, homophobia and other kinds of violence against people like themselves while engaging with the fact that those oppressions are endemic to their lives? This is the guiding question of my thesis, ?Queering Wake Work: Mediating Anti-Black and Anti-Queer Sentiment through Tumblr Archives. This thesis explores the ways in which Christina Sharpe?s ?wake work? and the backward turn in queer studies are two analytics that can be combined to understand queer of color production online. It extends Christina Sharpe?s ?wake work? to think about the different kinds of wakes that we find ourselves in?namely those of anti-queer and trans sentiment. The thesis explores two sites: tribute posts made to trans youth and the conversations around the purportedly queer and racialized characters in the television show Steven Universe.



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