Publication Date

April 2018


Tiphanie Yanique




English (United States)


The Iris Hours is a collection of connected short stories that follow three recent high school graduates and a young out-of-towner as they spend the first day of summer in a carefree beach town. The protagonists are each an outsider in their own way, whether by class, race, or hometown, and deal with some serious issues and some not so serious issues that are mainly brought on by either their family, their grasps at love, or their need for alcohol. With a few heavy moments balanced out by an occasional splash of comedy, I hope my readers can understand my characters and their emotional temperaments even if they don?t like them. My overall aim in this coming of age collection is to shed light on the personalities of young adults who have trouble finding their place, and to get my reader to identify with them in some way or another.



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