Funny Papers

Publication Date

April 2018


Lily Saint




English (United States)


Funny Papers is a novella in 5 parts as told by Everett ?Screw-Loose? Hughes. Hughes, known as a white supremacist and conspiracy theorist to many, a mainstay Rugged Renaissance columnist and knight of the roundtable to some, and a deadbeat father to one, is out quail hunting in the American heartland when he receives word of an impending rally back in his home state of Connecticut. This protest, organized by Everett?s daughter Mary Ellen Moore and the rest of the out-of-touch What Makes Us team, is a public call-to-action against a recently passed bill that has revoked the right to unpermitted movement for those who practice Islam in the United States. As depicted through an interview transcript, a letter, a series of articles, and advertisements for digestive aids, a home intruder defense system, and relationship guidebooks, Everett takes his Mudslinging readership beneath the tin foil hat as he attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter.



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