Publication Date

April 2018


Meg Furniss Weisberg


English, *French Studies


English (United States)


My project is composed of two parts: a translation of the first two chapters of Patrick Chamoiseau's "L'esclave vieil homme et le molosse"; and an accompanying critical afterword. I explore different, often contrasting modes and theories of translation through the lens of my own translation experience. l seek also to reflect on Chamoiseau's work and the art of translation in a broader sense. I use specific examples from my work on "L'esclave vieil homme" to illuminate the problems and possibilities of translation, and to explore the different goals and strategies that inform any translation. As a whole, my project explores some of the key issues and questions of translation through the lens of an active, engaged translation project: What is the true goal of translation? What kinds of responsibilities do translators have to a given text? Where is the line between translation and artistic creation?



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