Syndicate: Television Pilot and Series Bible

Arianna Allegra D'Andrea, Wesleyan University


Do intentions justify actions? Set in New York City, Syndicate is the story of what happens when two unsuspecting people get involved in illicit activities, though neither considers themselves to be a criminal. The hour-long drama centers on Ginger Goodman, a 21-year-old aspiring businesswoman whose promising college career gets cut short as a result of foolish, heat-of-the-moment decision-making. What began as a quick money fix to help pay her father?s medical bills soon devolved into total involvement in nefarious activities that eat away at her daily. Lucky Osorio finds himself in a parallel situation. His brother, Dom, was a Robin Hood-esque figure in the marijuana market, positively using his revenue to give back to the low-income community from which they came. When a deal gone wrong knocks Dom into a coma, Lucky struggles with how to keep up the financial support to this community, launching him into a business he never wanted a part in. Ginger and Lucky cross paths, instantly seeing one another as the solution they need. Forming an unlikely alliance, both face parallel internal conflicts regarding what delineates right from wrong. Syndicate tracks their psychological journeys, as the more they learn about the underbelly of New York City, the more they learn about themselves. Ginger soon discovers their pasts are dangerously intertwined, though, and it is increasingly clear that the closer they grow, the closer everything comes to falling apart.


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