Publication Date

April 2018


Jennifer Tucker, Clare Rogan, Peter Mark


Art History, History (HIST)


English (United States)


The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate how artists ? using Kara Walker and Shimon Attie as prime examples ? challenge the temporal limits of culturally traumatic historical events through appropriation and reclamation of the authorial voice of history. Furthermore, I will argue that Harper?s Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated) (2005) by Walker and The Writing on the Wall: Projections in Berlin?s Jewish Quarter (1991-3) by Attie accomplish the daring historical feat of representing the experiences of descendants of distinctly racialized individuals who have been oppressed, silenced, and otherwise unable to construct their own societally acceptable histories, specifically unassimilated Jews in Berlin in the 1920s - 1930s and African Americans in the antebellum era. In this thesis, I argue that Walker and Attie act as historical interventionists by manipulating archival visual representations of the ?reality? of highly volatile histories which are indelibly impressed upon their heritage.



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