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Jonathan Cutler




English (United States)


In 2017, The National Football League was 70% African American. However, the quarterback position is dominated by white players. Out of the 32 starting quarterbacks only 6 are African American, meaning that black players are being left out of the position of authority. While coaches can hide behind statistics of player's performance as a reason for who will play, there are more deep seeded reasons that parallel the American society's stereotypes of African American males. These athletes are not seen as leaders and are consequently are placed into other positions. The few African American quarterbacks who are trying to make it to the National Football League, face constant racism at each level garnering nowhere near the respect white quarterbacks receive. This exclusion runs deep within the history of football and is affecting the youth, collegiate, and professional leagues of today. As of the 2017 season, starting black quarterbacks are outnumbered 25 to 6, a score that does not look to be overturned any time in the near future. This thesis traces the phenomenon of systematic exclusion and racial stratification within the National Football League.



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