Publication Date

April 2017


Joe Cacaci


Film Studies


English (United States)


Mythos is a romance between a Viking and a Mermaid that spans several centuries as the world turns increasingly mad. It is an hour-long semi-anthology series; each season covers a specific historical era and its relevant mythologies. While seasons will jump forward in time, a handful of characters will appear throughout the series. Season 1 takes place in the North Atlantic at the dawn of the 11th century, as Leif Erikson attempts to colonize North America. During an aboriginal attack, a group of his slaves band together and escape: Fintan, a headstrong pacifist, Tora, a cynical lesbian, Cupun, a native shaman, and Sedna, a bloodthirsty mermaid. The foursome will travel to the dangerous Mermaid realm of Atlantis and beyond, as they are hunted down by Freydís, Leif’s formidable half-sister. They will become enveloped in a world of krakens, ancient cults, and romance as they attempt to find a place they can call home.

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