Things Fit Inside Other Things

Publication Date

April 2017


Danielle Vogel




English (United States)


Things Fit Inside Other Things began in the preserves aisle of a grocery store in Iowa. It grew from a very long list of instances of physical containment (pickles in jars, berries in cartons, almonds in bins) into a cross-genre, modestly multimedia project that includes auto theory, prose poetry, and theoretical fiction. It remains a list. In conversation with writers such as Anne Carson, Eula Biss, Juana María Rodríguez, Ann Cvetkovich, Maggie Nelson, Dawn Lundy Martin, Sheila Heti, Jenny Offill, Chris Kraus, Claudia Rankine, and Leslie Jamison, this project retains interest in physical containment, but more often obsesses over the mechanism of fitting as a tool to elucidate the possibilities of language, theft, empathy, recognition, paranoia, uncanniness, plumbing and electricity, sex, pain, tenderness, debt, guilt, touch and untouchability, queerness, clothing, white privilege, gifts, geometry, and empathy.

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