Chill Girls

Publication Date

April 2017


Joe Cacaci


Film Studies


English (United States)


Chill Girls tells the story of Annie, Rosie, and Mary, three low-key juniors at The Girls School who’ve been taught to “Shout and Be Heard, Fight and Make Change,” though they’ve never once thought what that might mean. After a video of Annie drunkenly giving a blow job to her crush Paul gets sent around the community by Paul’s best friend Michael, the girls realize they might not want to play it cool any longer. Aided by their friend, mentor, and English teacher Mr. Anderson, the girls take a series of steps to make the boys pay for their behavior, but with every attempt to fight the system, the girls discover they are powerless in the face of patriarchy. When Mr. Anderson betrays their trust, the girls decide to take the power back once and for all. Part revenge fantasy, part black comedy, Chill Girls explores the ways that systemic institutions of patriarchy work against young women.



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