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Anna Shusterman




English (United States)


Converting research into practice is a difficult task that plagues many fields, including physical and mental health practices, policy, and education. The Wesleyan Preschool Math Curriculum was created to help bring research into preschools, specifically to help teachers apply numeracy research in their classrooms. Preschool math skills are predictive of better outcomes in math, literature, and general academic success, so it is vital that all research is utilized effectively in school. Twelve games were designed based on current numeracy and education research. Throughout the design of the games, the teacher feedback has been greatly valued. Additionally, we hoped the games would fill gaps in preschool math education that other curricula do not meet. Finally, the games are being tested and evaluated by 22 teachers from four schools in the Naugatuck area. The evaluation consists of four online surveys and focus groups, two of which have been completed. Thus far, we have received encouraging qualitative feedback, as well as high ratings (current average overall game score = 8.9/10). Teachers have also offered valuable suggestions for game alterations. As production continues, games will be altered according to the teachers’ suggestions and criticisms.



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