Femme Working : Reenvisioning Hystory Through the Subaltern

Publication Date

April 2017


Katja Kolcio




English (United States)


American hystory has for long substantiated its legitimacy through enforced repression against the subaltern. The work of the individual who has been queer(ed) by Western constructions of hystory, then becomes an endless process of reframing the self in relation to these constructs, which allows for a reconstitution of whiteness as normative. Through autoethnography, queer phenomenology, poetry, lyric essay, and performance praxis, this work utilizes an engagement with practices of self-formation that positions the self as a subject of hystorical analysis, a proclamation of existence in a world that works towards eradicating difference. This work, through written and movement research, explores the potentialities of queer utopian idealism and actuality, a radical engagement of experience and emotion that reclaims our hystories being actively erased.

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