Publication Date

April 2016


Jamie Stein


Film Studies


English (United States)


In a small, Bible-belt town where everyone knows each other, it is crucial to appear pure and proper in the name of God. Sarah Tucker knows this better than anyone, but what lies behind closed doors is a different story. Sarah is a 31-year old high school teacher who still lives at home with her controlling, emotionally abusive mother and Autistic younger sister. This dysfunctional and claustrophobic dynamic makes it increasingly difficult for Sarah to hide her sexual desires. Sarah’s mother relentlessly shames and punishes her, creating a silent, deep-rooted rage within Sarah that she takes out on her students in the classroom. When a new girl joins Sarah’s class, Sarah is drawn to her because the student embodies all of the sexual qualities that she can never have for herself. The new student functions as a vessel for Sarah to release this angry, shameful, tortured energy in what becomes a physically and emotionally abusive relationship.



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