Small World

Publication Date

April 2016


Joe Cacaci


Film Studies


English (United States)


Small World starts with Kaye Corden, a sixteen-year-old high school junior. On the outside, she seems completely content: your average honor roll student – not popular, but not bullied – with a happy, healthy family life. But, on the inside, Kaye feels completely isolated, with nothing but school to bide her time. With the ramping pressure of college, SATs, AP exams, and keeping up with her classmates, Kaye decided she needs an outlet and someone – anyone – to talk to. So, she posts a video to YouTube. In a media-scape that paints the Internet as a place for nothing but Craigslist killers, cyber bullies, and viral videos, Small World is a love letter to the Internet and the incredible, positive communities hiding within it. YouTube has an incredible power to connect young people and give them control over the way they are seen in the world. For Kaye, it’s becomes a way for her to reach outside of her one-track-mind community, to learn more about the outside world and to discover who she really is.



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