Publication Date

April 2016


J. Kehaulani Kauanui




English (United States)


This thesis examines the politics of tourism through the lens of package tours from Mainland China to Taiwan; a booming phenomenon that only officially started in 2008. This thesis critically evaluates the widely held notion that this is an inherently positive step in China and Taiwan’s path towards ‘reconciliation’. I consider how Mainland group tourism is structured and the sort of ‘territorial’ influence it is having in Taiwan. Then I consider how this tourism is colonizing certain regions of Taiwan and evaluate how the tourism industry represents the local Amis community at tourist sites. As a case study, I then discuss Oppose Miramar, an anti-hotel development resistance movement that has been organizing against hotel development in Southeastern Taiwan. Finally, I contend that a push towards more autonomous, indigenous-led tourism structures offers the most promising means for combating unsustainable mass tourism development.



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