Publication Date

April 2016


Joe Cacaci


Film Studies


English (United States)


Lucy, Becky, and Sam are just three normal 20-somethings dealing with plenty of emotional angst. Still living in their small college town, they’re juggling academic ambitions, romantic aspirations, and familial obligations, while trying to maintain some degree of sanity. On Halloween, their desire for normalcy and stability becomes more difficult when the three friends find themselves in the thrall of an occult Grimoire, a mystical book that brings out the worst in them before imbuing each with the ability to communicate with the dead. Though it might sound like a super-power, it turns out that the dead don’t particularly like the living… especially the spirits inside of the Grimoire. What is real? Can you trust what you see even when it goes against everything you believe? Can you maintain your day-to-day life while also attempting to thwart the schemes of evil spirits? Haunted asks these questions, aiming to combine a classic ghost story with modern post-grad anxieties about finding one’s place in a confusing and chaotic society.

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