Compan~eros de viaje / Travel Companions: (1952-1958), Jaime Gil de Biedma Transcribed, translated and formatted in a dual-language version

Publication Date

April 2016


Robert Conn


College of Letters


English (United States)


«Compañeros de viaje [Travel Companions]» is a collection of poems by the Catalonian poet Jaime Gil de Biedma (1929-1959) written between 1952-1958. The present work, a dual-language version of the collection in Spanish (Castellano) and English, translated by Leo Grossman, is the first of its kind. A study of time, memory and the passing of adolescence, "Compañeros de viaje" is the shared personal journey of a young poet who will forever be remembered for his artful navigation through "Spanishness" and personhood in a time of tremendous instability and isolation for the country's artists and members of socially and politically marginalized groups, of which Gil de Biedma was all three.

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