Publication Date

April 2016


Jonathan Cutler




English (United States)


This thesis' three chapters illustrate Left theory’s attachment to the social order and its constitutive tenets and the critical anxiety produced when even a tinge of asociality is present. Chapter One exposes the Left intelligentsia’s fears regarding potential asocial and anti-collective sentiment within its own political sphere, while Chapter Two highlights this pervasive fear within queer theory, a discipline founded upon the antinormative. Indeed, Chapter One’s most anxious critics would find nothing frightening within the discourses of Chapter Two. The queers love the social order and collectivity as much as the next Leftist. Chapter Three turns away from illustrative description and moves towards a discursive synthesis of asocial queer theory and antihumanist Marxism, both of which follow the logics of Althusserian subject politics. The chapter describes the ways in which antihumanist Marxism already operates through asociality and how this mechanistic congruency creates the potential for a radical synthesis: asocial, queer, antihumanist Marxism.



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