Publication Date

April 2015


Clifford Chase




English (United States)


Someone caught Sarah Kenyon giving Aaron Kapur a blowjob in the janitor’s closet. At least, that’s the story Cass heard around her high school. And, supposedly, the reason Sarah was suspended. Now, entering her first year of college, Cass isn’t so sure what Sarah’s story is. And Kathy? Well, Cass has never understood Kathy. She’d thought that they were together, that they cared about each other. But, if that was the case, why did Kathy always ignore her at school? Why did she break up with Cass out of the blue? As Cass stumbles through the sexual politics of college life on a campus rife with drunken hookups, sexual assaults, and feminist activism’all while dealing with the sudden attention of her screw-up mom and deadbeat dad’she can’t seem to get either Sarah or Kathy off her mind. Recoil chronicles Cass’s struggle to find her place in college and move on from the drama of high school. But are either even possible?

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