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Su Zheng


East Asian Studies (EAST)


English (United States)


I produced a Chinese Hip Hop album that addresses important social issues in contemporary China for my Senior Thesis project in order to demonstrate the potential impact of socio-political rap music, as well as discover overlapping tastes between the US and Chinese modern music markets. The four songs on my Senior Thesis album respectively discuss the University Entrance Exam, street vendors, cybercafés, and the globalization of Chinese Hip Hop in order to culturally translate the significance of these topics to American listeners. My interest in each of these subjects was originally inspired by my time studying abroad, but has since crystallized into a personal passion for and academic interest in creating cross-cultural socio-political rap music. The essay component of my Senior Thesis primarily serves as a guide to and translation of my songwriting process, providing an in-depth contextual analysis of each song topic for Chinese and American audiences alike. In closing, my Senior Thesis will return to discuss the international context of the emergence of Chinese Hip Hop, and speculate on the future market for bilingual rap artists in the global music industry.



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