On Wax

Publication Date

April 2015


Jamie Stein


Film Studies


English (United States)


Nick, an aspiring songwriter, is obsessed with former rock star Clay Kincaid. His obsession has cost him his job, his friends, and his ambition. And Clay himself has seen better days, having burnt out during the recording of his band’s lost masterpiece. Oswald, a crazed superfan in his own right, notices Nick’s passion and whisks him away to his mansion, where he has kidnapped Clay in his frantic search for the lost album. Oswald gives Nick an ultimatum: bring him the album or Clay dies. Nick finds his way to Clay's old bandmate, Isabel, who agrees to help him on his quest. From there, they stumble through shark-toothed record executives and hulking henchmen on their path to finding this treasure. Nick, Isabel, and Clay eventually escape their pursuers, destroying the album in the process. In the wake of this loss, the three of them decide to record together.

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