Publication Date

April 2015


Jamie Stein


Film Studies


English (United States)


This is a screenplay about a man who literally runs out of luck: Eamon McCarthy, a savvy yet reckless real estate contractor, has always gotten whatever he wanted. But when he learns that his luck has run out, Eamon must enlist the help of Bryan O'Reilly, a man who claims to be a leprechaun but whose house Eamon is appropriating. They strike a pact to restore Eamon's luck and Bryan’s home, making their way through endless bureaucracy and unfortunate coincidences in order to obtain permission from a top official to complete their deal. However, when they meet the official, Eamon and Bryan discover that neither of them were quite who they said they were. As they part ways in hostility, it’s up to Eamon to put aside his ego and help someone other than himself, while it’s up to Bryan to realize that he can take action on his own without waiting for luck to come his way.



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