Publication Date

April 2014


Patricia Rodriguez Mosquera




English (United States)


The dissolution of close, interpersonal relationships is an unexplored social context in the current body of humiliation literature. Antecedents of ending a romantic relationship or a friendship may include poor treatment by a close relationship partner. In the present study, we collected narratives of poor treatment by former close relationship partners from 18 participants that ended a romantic relationship and 23 participants that ended a friendship within the last year from the Wesleyan University undergraduate population. In addition, we measured participants? self-rated appraisals (cognitive evaluations), emotional experience, perceptions of power and sociability, as well as their perceived power and sociability in their former close partner. Results indicated that poor treatment by a significant other led to appraisals and feelings of humiliation and negative effects on self-esteem when participants perceived themselves as more powerful (i.e. more dominant in the relationship).



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