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Michael P. Weir






Within this dissertation the background theory of microwave spectroscopy is presented. This covers many of the spectral effects that may be encountered when conducting an experiment. These include electric and magnetic hyperfine perturbations, spin-orbit coupling, lambda doubling, and coriolis coupling. Additionally, the construction and operation of the Balle-Flygare type pulsed jet Fourier transform microwave spectrometer is discussed. After a survey of the relevant theory, experiments are presented that are both finished and works in progress. Some experiments such as N2CO2, ZnS, SnCl, and H2-CuF are published and the manuscript is presented. Other experiments such as cyclohexene oxide and cyanocyclobutane are complete or nearly complete but unpublished, and their current manuscripts are presented. Lastly, there are a number of projects that for a variety of reasons are far from complete such as aminocyclobutane, H2-ZnS, Ar-ZnS, H2-AgF, H2-AuF, and 36Ar-cyclopentanone. The work that has been done on these unfinished projects is presented so that it may be a starting place for continued efforts on these projects.



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