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Eric Charry; Mark Slobin




This dissertation examines the musical experimentation of the 1970s through an examination of two scenes that coalesced during that time period, one based in the area around New Haven, CT and the other around Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY. Focusing on the relationship between Afro and Euro-American experimental traditions and world musics, it examines the work of composer/improvisers that participated in these scenes and the unique philosophies and musical systems that they have developed. It also explores the development of their music and musical philosophy in relationship to other scholars and artists active around them.

It goes on to follow the careers of these composer/improvisers through the present day and examines their attempts to navigate multiple art worlds and cultural milieus, eventually focusing on their work as pedagogues. Finally, it looks at the influence that this experimentation has exerted on the current generation of creative musicians and looks forward at the future of creative music and intercultural music making.



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