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Fall 2009


Bob McDougall is a lifelong resident of Portland. He was born in 1961 and attended Portland public schools until leaving for college, after which he decided to return to Portland. He is a charter member of the Portland Historical Society (established in 1973), and is currently the Museum Director of the Ruth Callander House Museum of Portland history. Bob's contributions to local history include "PORTLAND," a book commissioned by the Images of America project. He is also employed as a Computer Systems Engineer.

As a lifelong resident of Portland and an active local historian, Bob McDougall has a unique perspective on the past, present and future of the Portland brownstone quarries. Bob’s reflections provide a portrait of the quarries as a place of teaching and learning about the past, of raising a community awareness and appreciation of its history, and of quiet personal reflection.


An audio file prepared for public presentation is available here for download. The visual file used in the public presentation, recordings of the original interviews, transcripts, and a "narrative" are available below as Additional Files.

Oral_Histories_Presentation.ppt (25330 kB)
Bob McDougall Presentation (Slideshow)

First Interview 10_18_09.mp3 (44063 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview #1

Second Interview (part 1) 11_15_09.mp3 (2275 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview #2, Part 1

Second Interview (part 2) 11_15_09.mp3 (56036 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview #2, Part 2

Second Interview (part 3) 11_15_09.mp3 (3506 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview #2, Part 3

Third Interview 11_22_09.mp3 (40045 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview #3

Bob_McDougall_complete_transcript.doc (356 kB)
Bob McDougall Interview Transcripts

Final_Narrative_Transcript.doc (99 kB)
Bob McDougall Narrative