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Fall 2009


This narrative is compiled from five interviews Rosa and Samuel conducted with Joe Seiferman, lifelong Portland resident and proprietor of the Riverdale Motel in Portland, CT. The interviews were conducted at the Riverdale Motel in September and October 2009.


A presentation that summarizes the interviews is available here for download (without the sound files that were originally part of the presentation). The recorded interviews and a "narrative" document are available below as Additional Files.

Seiferman.INTERVIEW1(10.4).PT1.mp3 (93659 kB)
Joe Seiferman Interview #1, Part 1

Seiferman.INTERVIEW1(10.4).PT2.mp3 (19737 kB)
Joe Seiferman Interview #1, Part 2

Seiferman.INTERVIEW2(10_15).mp3 (118344 kB)
Joe Seiferman Interview #2

Seiferman.INTERVIEW3(10_22).mp3 (119173 kB)
Joe Seiferman Interview #3

SeifermanINTERVIEW4(10_29).mp3 (117603 kB)
Joe Seiferman Interview #4

Narrative.pdf (11477 kB)
Joe Seiferman Narrative