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Fall 2009


Anna Fairbank was born in Portland and has remained here all here life. She grew up “under the bridge” in a community composed mostly of new immigrants. Anna Fairbank provides a fascinating social history of the town of Portland, CT. Able to view the town from many perspectives (both “under the bridge” and “uptown”), her stories reveal a fascinating, true-to-life account of Portland shortly after the quarries closed.


The recorded interview is available here for download. Transcripts and a shorter "narrative" are available below as Additional Files.

Anna Fairbank - Full-lenght, unedited transcription.doc (201 kB)
Anna Fairbank Interview Transcript: Unedited

Anna Fairbank - Edited Transcription.doc (147 kB)
Anna Fairbank Interview Transcript: Edited

Anna Fairbank Narrative.doc (95 kB)
Anna Fairbank Narrative