The Budding Yeast rRNA and Ribosome Biosynthesis (RRB) Regulon Contains over 200 Genes

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The ribosome biogenesis pathway constitutes one of the major metabolic obligations for a dividing yeast cell and it depends upon the activity of hundreds of gene products to produce the necessary rRNA and ribosomal protein components. Previously, we reported that a set of 65 S. cerevisiae genes that function in the rRNA biosynthesis pathway are transcriptionally co-regulated as cells pass through a variety of physiological transitions. By analysing multiple microarray-based transcriptional datasets, we have extended that study and now suggest that the ribosomal and rRNA biosynthesis regulon contains over 200 genes. This regulon is distinct from the set of ribosomal protein genes, and the promoters of the expanded RRB gene set are highly enriched for the PAC and RRPE motifs. Since a similar pattern of organization and gene regulation can be recognized in C. albicans, the RRB regulon appears to be a conserved, extensive, and metabolically important group of genes. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.