P. J. Feltovich, K. M. Ford, & R. R. Hoffman

Document Type


Publication Date

January 1997


AAAI Press/ MIT Press

Place of Publication

Menlo Park


We briefly review the role of experience in expertise, and the central role of past experiences within our framework, case-based planning / present the problem of opportunism —taking advantage of unanticipated circumstances to satisfy one's goals—as a challenge for any model of expertise / after a discussion of competing models of opportunistic planning, we define our own model and identify its cognitive mechanisms / evaluate this model through 2 research methodologies: computational modeling and experiments with human participants / by combining evidence from these 2 approaches, we hope to develop a more complete theory of how opportunistic planning is accomplished / our account of the role of memory for specific past experiences in identifying later opportunities provides evidence for the importance of the context of specific experiences in expertise.