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July 2000

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Psychotherapy Research






Prior analyses of data from the NIMH sponsored Treatment for Depression Collaborative Research Program (TDCRP; e.g., I. Elkin, 1994) indicated greater reduction of symptoms at midtreatment (8th wk) with Imipramine (IMI-CM) than with Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal therapy (IPT), but no significant differences in symptom reduction among these 3 active treatments at termination. Current analyses of previously unanalyzed data from ratings by therapists, clinical evaluators, and 162 patients (mean age 35 yrs) at termination and at 18-mo follow-up also indicated no significant differences among these treatments in symptom reduction or ratings of current clinical condition. But significant treatment differences emerged at the 18-mo follow-up in patients' ratings of the effects of treatment on their life adjustment. Patients in IPT reported greater satisfaction with treatment, and patients in both IPT and CBT reported significantly greater effects of treatment on their capacity to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships and to recognize and understand sources of their depression than did patients in IMI-CM or placebo.