This collection contains the raw data of the “History of the American Cantorate” project, which was designed and executed by Mark Slobin in 1984-86 under a grant from the Natonal Endowment for the Humanities awarded to the Cantors Assembly, a professional society. Included are 1) listenable interviews with a cross-section of cantors from the Cantors Assembly (Conservative) and American Conference of Cantors (Reform) Cantorial Council of America (Orthodox), and the Women Cantors Network, 2) the entire set of sung samples that 93 cantors submitted for purposes of music analysis 3) questionnaire responses from members of the CA, ACC, and congregational lay leadership 4) letters from rabbis about the cantorate 5) ancillary materials.

The results of this project were published as Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantorate (University of Illinois Press, 1989), but until 2012, the database was not publicly available online.


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