Adath Israel


Neoclassical Menorah


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9.2 x 30.2 x 2.5 cm (3 5/8 x 11 7/8 x 1 in.)

General Description

This cast group, of copper alloy bent into a keyhole shape, is of 20th-century origin. Many of these lamps appear to come from India (Jewish Museum, Museum Number F 4029; and Magnes Collection, Accession Number 95.15). However, one lamp from the Magnes Collection (Accession Number 67.21) is from the Land of Israel. This lamp, similar to CAI#207, stands on a brass strip. By contrast, the other examples are made of sheet copper alloy and stand on two triangular copper alloy feet. As such, it is quite possible that this lamp is from Israel; however, almost all of the lamps in this cast group come from India. So it is difficult to tell the provenance of this lamp—India or Israel.

Description of materials

Copper Alloy

Time period

20th century

Place of origin

Probably India (Middle East/Asia)


Presented by Betty Reaves in honor of Nathan Shapiro

Holding Institution

Adath Israel Museum, Middletown, CT


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